About WA Citrus

WA Citrus is the industry body representing citrus growers and industry in Western Australia. WA Citrus is the citrus subcommittee of the APC Pome, Citrus and Stonefruit Producers’ Committee. WA Citrus undertakes the role of ‘producer committee’ for the APC WA citrus fee for service (APC ACT), acts as the regional advisory body to Citrus Australia, and is the powerhouse for WA based activities and WA citrus industry matters.

WA Citrus aims to:

  • assist in reaching the industry vision of a profitable and sustainable citrus industry in WA
  • provide services, facilities and support to assist WA citrus growers supply premium citrus in the local, national and export markets
  • assist with growing the consumption of Western Australian citrus fruit

WA Citrus Industry

The Western Australian (WA) Citrus industry has grown by almost 50% in planted area over the last ten years and now occupies approximately 1,000 hectares of land. In this time there has been a 75% increase in tree numbers with a trend towards higher density plantings. This growth has come with the expansion of existing orchards and the establishment of three of the state’s five largest orchards. These five large orchards ranging in size from 160 to 200 hectares make up 64% of the WA citrus industry. The majority of citrus orchards in WA are less than 10 hectares in size.

Specific information about the industry is provided by The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development:   WA Citrus Information