Meet The Growers

WA Citrus is grown by many independent orchards which are owned and operated by local families and businesses who are passionate for their craft and dedicated to provide premium citrus fruit for consumers to enjoy.
This small selection of profiles provides an insight to citrus orchards in Western Australia.
Moora Citrus

Moora Citrus​

Having planted its first tree in 2005, Moora Citrus has worked hard to establish itself as a leading grower in the WA market through its commitment to quality and desire to engage consumers in the story of their locally grown oranges and mandarins. The company began in response to the significant fresh fruit supply shortage in WA and the desire to offer consumers fresh and healthy citrus for as many months of the year as possible. Moora Citrus have progressively planted a wide variety of citrus to maximise the growing season, completing the 210ha orchard plantings in 2013.

Moora Citrus has planted navels, Midknights and mandarins and has a strategy to replant new varieties to keep up with consumer trends and demands. Engaging with consumers via online platforms such Facebook and Twitter has been integral to Moora Citrus to receive instant feedback and remain agile in the marketplace. Other communication tools such as eNewsletters have also assisted Moora Citrus increase information flow along the supply chain, building strong relationships with wholesale and retail partners.

The multifaceted engagement with its consumers and supply chain partners enables Moora Citrus to grow local, tasty and deliciously fresh citrus, and deliver freshly picked healthy oranges and mandarins direct to WA families.

For more information please visit our website Moora Citrus

Worrolong Produce

Tom & Emma Mitchell – Worrolong Produce​

Located 40km north west of Gingin, in a horticultural conservation precinct called “The Range”. Worrolong Produce is owned and managed by Tom and Emma Mitchell with help from their daughters Darcie and Grace.

Over the last 6 years, Tom and Emma have been focusing on producing high quality citrus fruit for consumers and supplies Market City with Imperial and Hickson mandarins as well as Tahitian limes. The orchard’s location north of Perth and close to the coast (17km) means that their fruit hits the markets earlier for consumers to enjoy the first taste of the new season fruit. Tom and Emma enjoy balancing an income by producing the best fruit they can with their healthy lifestyle.

Gingin Citrus

Gingin Citrus​

Gingin Citrus, owned by Peter and Beverley Ansell, is situated in West Gingin at Neergabby, where the Gingin Brook meets the Moore River. With 30 hectares of land, the orchard will soon be expanding to 37 hectares supplying Market City with more oranges, mandarins and lemons. All fruits from Gingin Citrus are grown biologically and Peter and Beverley pride themselves on producing high quality fruit pesticide free. Peter and Beverley have also recently ventured into packing facilities with market wholesaler, Mercer Mooney.

Woodhouse Farm

Mick Mann – Woodhouse Farm​

Richard Eckersley

Richard Eckersley – Yambellup Estate​

Yambellup Estate is owned and managed by the Eckersley family and has been growing Citrus in Harvey since 1993. Situated adjacent to the Harvey River in the south west, on deep river loams, Yambellup Estate grows mainly easy-peel mandarins with lemons, encapsulating the renowned Harvey taste. The Orchard is currently 50 ha in size with more land available for future plantings. Yambellup Estate is passionate about the WA Citrus industry and would like to see more local produce in supermarkets and stores. Richard is the fourth generation in his family to farm in the Han/ey district and is hopeful one day to see the fifth generation in his family also farm.

Jason and Jodee Sayer

Jason and Jodee Sayer – Endomoore

Jason & Jodee Sayer along with their Son and Daughter (Clayton and Maddy) operate “Endomoore” on 8ha situated just south of Harvey. High quality water sourced from the Harvey Dam mixed with the fertile loam soils of the Harvey district have provided a great base for the consistent production of high quality, great tasting fruit from the orchard. Having come from a wheat and sheep farm in the North Eastern Wheatbelt, the family made the move to Harvey in 2005. The property has 3ha of Citrus orchard which includes Imperial and Hickson Mandarins along with Navelina and Late Lane Oranges. The Sayer Family have supplied fruit into Market City for over 10 years. Recent developments have seen them set up their own packing facilities which involves the entire family and ensures a personal touch to the fruit that leaves their orchard.

Steve & Andrew Pergoliti – Harvey Citrus​

Andrew with his parents, Steve and Pina Pergoliti, run their family business, Harvey Citrus, located an hour from Market City. In 1982, Steve Pergoliti planted his first citrus trees on a 2 hectare block, the same year his son Andrew was born. Together, the Pergoliti family have grown their business to the current 60 hectares citrus orchard, growing Late Season Navels, Imperial, Hickson, Afourer and Mystique Mandarins, Rio Red Grapefruit, Midknight Valencias and Limes. Harvey, with its loamy soils and availability of quality water allows the Pergoliti family to grow great eating quality citrus for West Australian families to enjoy.


AGRIFresh, locally operated and managed citrus orchard, has 270ha of planted navels and mandarin trees. Located 200km North of Perth in Dandaragan, AGRIFresh is one of the largest citrus producer in Western Australia.

An in-house state-of-the-art packing facility, fully equipped with modern technology ensures fruits are being graded and packed to highest standards. In house QC personnel also helps to assure customers they will always enjoy premium quality fruits.

Citrus fruits are marketed under the flagship brand “Zestie”, which are available in local supermarkets and independent grocers. In 2015 AGRIFresh trade marked the Zestie brand and launched as an international brand, making it available internationally in several countries.

AGRIFresh is pursuing their goal to grow, pack and market the highest quality WA citrus fruits to meet both local and international demand. The are proud to be actively involved with WA Citrus association by working closely with other growers to develop stronger foundation for WA citrus industry.