PromotionsEach year WA Citrus  undertakes to promote the new season of WA Citrus to local wholesalers,  retailers and consumers.

This promotion has taken many forms over the years including advertising on bus backs in the metropolitan areas; in store demonstrations; free tasting in the city; point of sale merchandise creation and media and radio coverage.

In 2013 the industry contracted Patterson Research Group to investigate the buying habits and knowledge of fruit consumers as well as awareness of the blue WA Citrus birthmark sticker, which has been used to identify WA grown fruit.  That research clearly identified that most consumers DID NOT know when WA Citrus was in season or varieties.

A launch program was designed in cooperation with Noelene Swain at Fresh Finesse. The launch takes place mid June in the Perth Market Central trading area to resource retailers with  Point of sale material- Balloons, shelf wobblers, posters – to create displays in their stores.

WA Citrus is continuing to implement programs to extend awareness of the local citrus season. This is including sampling at sporting events, instore demonstrations and radio and some print media advertising.