The Committee

Joseph Ling

WA Citrus Chair

Jospeh Ling has been part of the citrus industry for the last 16 years, as a grower, packer and exporter.  He is currently Managing Director of family-owned operation, AGRIFresh, where he provides strategic direction in the business development and market expansion.  Joseph is passionate about expanding access to premium export markets for WA fruits by improving protocols, managing costs, and bringing greater profitability for growers.  Joseph is keen to collaborate with other citrus regional advisory groups for knowledge and information sharing to tackle local challenges with national priorities.

Andrew Pergoliti

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Shane Kay

Shane is from Bindoon, where together with his wife Bridgette and son Michael they grow citrus and run a packing shed. Northern Valley Packers packs fruit from their own orchard as well as orchards north of Perth in Gingin, Bindoon and Moora.

Shane believes the only way to embrace opportunities and address challenges still faced by the industry is by working together to maintain a viable sustainable Citrus industry in Western Australia.

Mary Ann O’Connor


Mary Ann O’Connor

Mary Ann and her husband John have a small citrus orchard in West Gingin. They grow a variety of mandarins and navels.




Daniel Ying

Daniel is a director and financial controller of family owned business AGRIFresh, with large citrus and mango plantings in Dandaragan and Badgingarra, where they also pack and market fruit to domestic and export markets. Daniel is passionate for WA citrus to be showcased both locally and abroad for its fresh, safe and delicious tasting qualities.

Having a background in Engineering, he is also extremely focused and excited by new technologies that can be implemented in orchards and packing sheds that will present increased efficiencies in farming and packing practices into the future.


 Cliff Winfield


Cliff Winfield

Cliff Winfield runs  a lemon and finger-lime orchard. He is passionate about sustainable agriculture and has a long association with horticulture, viticulture, aquaculture and forestry in the South West. Commencing in 1988, when he purchased a farm and moved to Smith Brook, Manjimup to establish a vineyard and pulpwood plantation. Cliff is now a Manjimup Shire Councillor, on the Board of South West Catchment Council, WA Local Government representative on State Biosecurity Council, Warren Donnelly Water Advisory Committee member, a grower member of Southern Forests Food Council and Citrus Australia.


Bronwyn Walsh

Industry Manager

Bronwyn Walsh

Bronwyn Walsh

The Industry Manager’s role is to encourage increased value at every stage of the supply chain – from the grower to the end consumer.

Bronwyn Walsh was appointed to this position in 2012. Bronwyn is based in the DPIRD office at South Perth, and is jointly funded by DPIRD and  Citrus Fee For service.

Bronwyn brings extensive and valuable experience to this position, from her background in horticultural industries in both Queensland and Western Australia and working with grower groups. Her role is promoting growth at a sustainable rate by gathering and communicating industry intelligence on forecasts, fruit quality and market development. In addition she supports growers in good orchard practices that produce fruit that meet consumer demand. Bronwyn works closely with growers to ensure prosperity for the future.

Growers and supply chain members can contact Bronwyn on 9368 3786 or by email

Kate Cox

Administration Officer

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